Features & Benefits


  • multi-bg

    Go live with multiple talent in different locations for an elevated experience. Activate panels, competitions, corporate keynotes, group performances + more!

  • fan-bg

    Opportunity for Talent to award/pin Fans to be showcased in front of the audience, creating engaging interactive moments.

  • meet-bg

    Talent can interact with Fans in a secure, but intimate setting with the opportunity for Q&A, further strengthening the Talent-Fan connection.

  • live-chat-bg

    Connect with your fans during live events with real-time interactivity.

  • vip-bg

    Award or offer personalized, unique access as a standalone opportunity or after a larger event.

  • geo-bg

    Host events in specific locations, or build a national tour, to customize your content and experience for Fans in any given region.


  • brand-partnership

    Brand Partnerships

    Allow brands the opportunity to integrate or sponsor live events. Customize the logo, imagery, livestream overlays & event communication for a complete branded experience.

  • charity-partnership

    Charitable Tie-In

    Raise funds and awareness for the charity of your choice by electing to donate all/portion of proceeds from your event, creating a powerful and meaningful social impact activation.

Additional Revenue Streams

  • Keybox-bg

    Fans bid for 1:1 video responses to their questions using Keybox. Earn more by answering; the price to answer is confidential.

  • tips and donations bg

    Ability to further tip the talent or donate to talent charity of choice

  • Commerce

    Drive additional sales by allowing Fans to shop/link out to exclusive products.

  • Add on Purchases

    Opportunity to include additional items with a ticket purchase (ex: exclusive merch, pre/post parties, meet & greets, meal kits).

More Features

  • 25hour icon

    24 Hour Access

    Purchase and stream for a one-time view within a 24 hour period.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Dynamic Pricing

    Ability for talent to choose their event ticket price.

  • All Devices

    All Devices

    Key works on all modern internet-connected devices.

  • Custom Codes

    Custom Codes

    Create customized access codes per event to drive additional excitement and engagement.

Coming Soon

  • Bulk Event Purchase

    Bulk Event Purchase

    Allow fans to purchase multiple events at once (ex: series, festivals, workshops).