Unlock more from your audience.

Key is a Fan Relationship Platform that gives control back to TalentEntitiesBrandsTeams

Introducing FRM:

Fan Relationship Manager

Key’s Fan Relationship Manager is an enterprise data centralization software that provides incremental revenue opportunities, powered by first-party audience data.

FRM Features:

  • 1

    Capture/Upload Data

    Collect, upload & organize your first-party audience data—all in one, centralized place. 

  • 2

    Understand Your Audience

    Gain helpful insights about who your audience is and what segments they belong to, their brand preferences & behaviors. 

  • 3

    Activate Your Audience

    Leverage your data to drive monetization opportunities via brand partnerships & media activations.

Why is building my FRM so valuable?

Market Forces

  • 1

    Cookies are going away

    meaning advertisers are losing their third-party data.

  • 2

    Your data is siloed

    across multiple platforms, with no holistic place to look at all of it.

  • 3

    Your data is limited

    because platforms choose which data you have access to.

  • 4

    Visibility throttling

    talent is beholden to platform algorithms, limiting their content from being seen.

Brand Landscape

  • 1

    Due to cookie deprecation, new legislation & industry tech updates, the cost of CPMs on social platforms are skyrocketing.

  • 2

    Brand strategies between social and programmatic are silo’d, targeting separate audiences.

  • 3

    Brands are spending $133 billion in programmatic advertising every year, with talent traditionally capturing none of those budgets.