Activate your data, drive revenue opportunities.

  • First-Party Media Activation

    Eliminate waste & drive efficiencies programmatically with precision targeting.

      • Talent now can run programmatic media campaigns against their own first-party audience, for their own initiatives.
      • Talent can unlock larger brand opportunities by offering their first-party audience for targeting as a more effective alternative to imprecise third-party data segments.
  • Data Clean Rooms

    Offer brands a compliant, unique opportunity for crossover and strategy analysis.

      • Analyze overlap & reach against your first-party audience.
      • Evaluate data usually locked inside of walled gardens & brands’ CRM to create the audience that aligns best with brand goals. 
      • Uncover segments with the highest likelihood to increase ROI.
  • Brand-Driven Opportunities

    Power brand partnerships via your Key Data.

      • Spark brand opportunities by presenting meaningful psychographic & engagement data about your true audience.
      • Elevate current brand partnerships by delivering unique ways to engage fans based on data insights (e.g., content strategy, experiences).
  • Attribution Modeling

    Prove your worth, showing brands that your media & activations drive real results.

      • Connect your digital media to sales ROI using Key’s proprietary identity solution.
      • Evaluate path to purchase to optimize sales cycle with touchpoint analysis.
      • Build better optimization strategies for sales.
      • Validate your brand partnerships with conclusive results.
  • Data Centralization

    Leverage your own first-party data, wherever it lives.

      • Utilize Key API’s with your current martech partners to better segment your audience. 
      • Upload or port existing digital audiences into one place.
  • Targeted Drip Campaigns

    Reach your audience directly, without interference of social platform algorithms.

      • Message your segmented audiences with SMS or email communication. 
      • Personalize communication based on segmented audience preferences. 
      • Evaluate campaign performance and increase open rates by optimizing targeted messaging.